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An evolution music video

Why Evolution Is True

I’m not really keen on music videos that portray science, for in general they’re pretty dire.  But this one, from the Symphony of Science, is a little better than usual—if you can stand some of our favorite science popularizes autotuned—but it’s not very enlightening. Some of the images, however, are good.

However, you can refresh your knowledge by

  • Identifying the principals (not hard)
  • Figure out where Attenborough is walking at the beginning: it’s a very famous place
  • Identifying the birds at 2:00 and the lizard at 1:01
  • Finding the mistake in the characterization of natural selection at 2:29
  • Recognizing which words come from On the Origin of Species
  • Knowing what’s wrong with the statement, “We’re all made of DNA”

h/t: Greg Mayer

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